number player league favorite troop
1 Kahliyapink15 Gold III Archer
2 Air chaccattus Silver I Dragon
3 Destroyer 2.0 Silver I Valkrie
4 Achu_FTW Silver I Wizard
5 Noarmpit Derple Silver II Wizard
6 Lightning panda Silver II WIzard
7 Sergio The great Silver II Witch
8 Sid Silver II Wizard
9 Slayer 2.0 Silver III Balloon
10 Jordan.D. Silver III Giant
11 Mageknight214 Silver III Wizard
12 Quinn Silver III Giant
13 Crasherx66 Silver III Wizard
14 sonicsayan159 Bronze I Giant
15 kahliyapink15 Unranked Archer
16 Ilana Unranked Barbarian
17 The Dog of Unranked Barbarian

Wizards are the Most liked in our clan.