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Clash of clans clan,fire pandas is awesome feel free to explore the wiki to learn stuff you didnt know about the clan and of course you can join 1000+ trophies


1.Kahliyapink15 Gold III

2.Air Chacattuss silver I

3.Destroyer 2.0 silver I

4.Achu_FTW silver I

5.Noarmpit Derple (leader) silver II

6.Lightning Panda silver II

7.Sergio the great silver II

8.Sid silver II

9.Slayer 2.0 silver III

10. Jordan.D. silver III

11.Mageknight 214 silver III

12.Quinn Silver III

13.CrasherX66 silver III

14.Sonicsayan159 Bronze I

15.Kahliyapink15 Unranked

16.Ilana Unranked

17.The Dog of Unranked

Latest activityEdit

a picture of fire pandas as of may 2015

Untitled drawing
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