Recently Noarmpit Derple and Achu_FTW have started a competition.The prize is,well nothing .The competition is to upgrade everything except for the town hall until you cant upgrade it anymore.Even laboratory troops. Everything(exept for builders huts of course.) No gemming. More will be added as the challenge continues.

5/18/15 Noarmpit Derple started upgrading to TH7

5/22/15 ACHU_FTW started upgrade to TH 7

5/24/15 Noarmpit derple reached TH 7

5/24/15 Noarmpit derple unlocks Seeking air mine

5/25/15 Noarmpit derple unlocks Dark elixir storage

5/26/15 Noarmpit derple unlocks Hidden tesla

5/28/15 ACHU_FTW reached TH7

5/28/15 Noarmpit derple gains barbarian king

6/1/15 ACHU_FTW gains dark elixir storage