It was march 2015 a clan named Frozen fortress was pretty popular. 11 members. The clan had some of the fire pandas members,Me first of all,Jordan.D.,Slayer 2.0,Destroyer 2.0,Lightning panda,Kahliyapink15,ACHU_FTW and Quinn. Then some weird rules came so I created a Clan called Fire Pandas. oh wait I forgot to tell everybody in frozen fortress. So I did it again,Jordan.D. joined he became the first co-leader,Lightning panda joined. A few clan hoppers joined then left,then there were about 5 fire pandas and everything started to come together.The Frozen fortress leader joined,Achu_FTW and we set requirements to 200 trophies.I was a Bronze 1 and a Town hall 4. At that time and we reached 8,9,10 members and it was time for our first clan wars.